Gifts for Sale

Below are a selection of gifts for sale. No two are the same and a few have very limited production. I add to this page as and when I create another gift so worth checking back regularly.

I haven't included quilts although the gallery and lockdown pages are good to see what I have been up to- please contact me if interested in purchasing one.

Please contact me by email if you wish to purchase - P&P will be charged at cost (although learning from the lost parcels at Christmas all packages will be sent tracked!). I will invoice you once P&P is calculated. Always happy for gifts to be collected from my home in Conisbrough. 

A Selection of Valentines Gifts

Valentines Map card - made from recycled maps (places vary and are all unique)- all blank inside. £1.50 each

Chemistry Cards - I LuV You, You & I are Chemistry and U Ar CuTe - all £1.50

Would you like to send a really anonymous Valentines card this year? I will happily write a message of your choice, address and send for you for just the cost of the card and a stamp.

Folded Book Art (see below for more choice)

Lavender Hearts - made from vintage embroidery embellished with a little red embroidery, filled with Yorkshire Lavender. Can be hung or put in a drawer. Each is unique. £3.00 each

Romantic penguins - and who wouldn't love a romantic felt penguin! 

Large - £5.50 each  Small £4.50 each 


Folded Book Art

Valentines folded book art - a gift for the reader in your life!


I love the results of careful measuring and folding (not much different to making quilts really) and there can never be too much love in the world! I try to match the book cover to the inside for fun!

£25.00 each

My Post.jpg

Japanese Card cases - perfect for credit cards (or all those loyalty cards you collect!). Japanese pattern cottons and vivid plain shot cottons. Blue / Red / Green / Purple and Magenta fabrics £3.00 each

Penguins - what can I say, very cute felt penguins! Variety of colours, with or without heart tummies (they are only a few!).

Large - £5.50 each  Small £4.50 each 

mini Christmas hat (fits large penguins) extra 50p

Mice - if you though the penguins were cute meet the mice! Different coloured bodies and waistcoats. Again, limited numbers £5.50 each

Gifts for stitchers.jpg

Gifts for Stitchers

Gifts for the sewers, quilters and knitters in your life. 

Needlecase - a variety of fabric designs with soft felt inner and quirky ties. £4.00 each

Sewing Kit - so much better than the usual mini kits. Includes scissors, needles, pins, thread, buttons and safety pins as well as a 10cm tape measure and folds to an easy to pack triangle with a robust metal fastening £6.00 each

Scissor case - complete with small scissors. I made these when my travelling scissors went through a rather nice jumper! There are quilted fabric and leather versions. £4.00 each

Pincushions - what can I say! £2.00 each

Other gifts

Lavender Bags - popular lavender bags to scent drawers etc. A variety of bird and animal designs. £2.00 each

Owls - 3 sizes of squashy owls made from recycled wool and tweed scraps. The medium and large ones make excellent stress balls (as well as pincushions!). Come in many colours.

Large - £3.50, Medium £2.00, Small - £1.50

Mice 2 - or as my husband calls them, Aardvarks! Made originally as pincushions but have been put to many uses. Also made from recycled wool and furnishing fabric. Come in a variety of colours

£3.50 each

owls mice bags.jpg