or How to spend unexpected time at home

June scrap challenge.jpg


As weeks and months begin to blur during lockdown and I feel myself getting lost in home renovations and work I have set myself monthly challenges. Each month will be slightly different and not always quilt related. June was how many quilt tops could I make using only the contents of my (huge) scrap box. The answer was five!




July brings stormy weather and a new challenge. 

This months challenge is my UFO pile (unfinished objects!). Not all quilt related - my first completion was the folded book (only been hanging around since January). We also finished restoring a very old filing cabinet, my varnishing is excellent! More window painting - one day I will finish. The rest are quilt related but some have been cluttering the place up for years! Oh yes, and the signwriting was Andrew - it has been on his to do list for a while

I was in two minds about an August challenge. It is hot and my day job is busy. However, there is only snooker on in this house so I have been playing around with stripes. It turned out not to be quite as busy as expected so there have been lots of stripes in August and September. Plus more house painting and renovation! 


Feels a long way away... but duly arrived. Am still fiddling with stripes but also decided to make a map quilt of Devon and Cornwall as a gift. I am on a deadline here so fingers crossed 20 days are enough to finish. Turns out my 20 days became 10 - but managed to finish and deliver before Lockdown2 - whew! I also continued to add to my Jacks Chain blue and white quilt. Almost finished - just adding borders now. 


jacks chain (1).jpg

So, New Year and I have, finally, finished my Jacks Chain quilt. I realised, not long after my last post that I had rather messed up the edges so after quite a bit of unpicking and remaking I really have finished this time! I am so pleased with it. Now I just have to work out how I am going to quilt this monster. It is huge! The long picture shows just over half of it. The bed in the picture is a king size. I really need to try and start measuring things!